Brent & Michelle Van Bever
1968 Chevelle
Melbourne FL
Ken Jackson’s 1949 Plymouth Woodie from Cape Canaveral
The 1937 Woodie and 1959 vette are owned by Mike & Beth Cavallaro of Cocoa. The Woodie appeared in a film in Cocoa Village, parades, weddings, photo shoots, and magazines.
Mike & Beth have owned this vette since 1981, will be passed down to our daughter Samantha who is currently 17 years old. This car has been in “Porky’s 3”, featured on “Montage”, student movie projects, in numerous ads such as Chesterfield Cigarettes, Miami’s 5th St Boxing Gym, Adidas, Uncles Sam’s clothing catalog, Adelphi Cable, Bacardi Limone, participated in 100’s of parades and high school homecoming, weddings, photo shoots, featured in magazines such as Vette Vues, Vette Magazine.