I’ve been driving the hot rod quite a bit lately and, except for a few minor issues, everything is working as I hoped they would.

With a 5 speed and 4.30 gears in the 9 inch rear, when 10 pounds of boost from the turbo comes on,( stock is 16 and I can easily get more) things start happening quick making it fun to drive. 1953 pounds doesn’t hurt either. The engine is from an 88 Thunderbird Turbo coupe. 2.3 liter 140 cubic inches. This is my first experience with a turbo and its not hard to understand why they are so popular today both in economy and high performance muscle cars

Dave lives in Viera Florida in the winter time. This is his current build that was just completed in his summer home in Connecticut. Maybe we can get him to bring it down next winter. Happy cruising.

Photos By Steven Owen